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Therapy Groups

To enroll in a group, please send an email inquiry to me at
or call or text me at (971) 259-8284. Group therapy is a wonderful way to build community and see yourself reflected in others. The power of healing is amplified in unique ways in a group setting. 

Relationship Reset Group 
Complex Connections
with Grace and Grit

Do you have a challenging relationship with a parent, partner, child or co-worker? This group can help you get clear on how to live with, work with and/or move away from those relationships while growing in self-respect, determination and love.

We will explore:

• Group commitment to privacy and safety
• What brings you to the group

• Healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics
• Needs and boundaries

• Clear and kind communication

• Self-care - what it really is and looks/feels like

• Identifying one's core values and strengths

$60/session for 6 weeks with option to continue on with the group in 6 week cycles

Pregnancy Support Group

Becoming a mother for the first time (or anew) can bring up dreams, questions, feelings and challenges that deserve witness and tender loving care. Gather with other pregnant women in a safe and supportive community focused on your physical, emotional and spiritual health.


As a licensed therapist and a mother of young children, I have a passion for supporting women on the motherhood journey.


Groups are forming now

Fridays 12-1:30pm

Saturdays 10-11:30am

8 week series


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