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For Individuals and Couples Seeking Grounded, Compassionate Care

Life can be really hard sometimes.


When times get very challenging for us, our usual strategies and support systems are not enough. We may sit in suffering for a while until the thought comes: I might need some help with this. That, or a concerned friend, family member, partner, or co-worker suggests we seek therapy.

It can be hard to reach out for support, so I applaud you for visiting this site and looking for someone who can help. You are hurting enough to consider opening your heart and mind to another person you don’t yet know. That is no small act of courage.


When choosing a therapist, I encourage you to follow your instincts. Pick someone whose profile inspires a spark of hope. I have helped adults, couples, families, and children find relief through a collaborative, integral therapy process that utilizes body, mind, and spirit wisdom. Integral psychotherapy also means I use a variety of approaches, depending on your needs.


When you come to see me, you will be met with compassion and deep listening, as well as some useful guidance and directive support. Therapy works best, in my opinion, when it is a mix of connection and action.


I look forward to hearing from you!     
(971) 259-8284


~ If it seems that I'm not the best person to meet your counseling needs or you are looking for lower fee therapy, I encourage you to look into options provided by Wise Counsel & Comfort. ~


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